Lindsay Freidhoff

Senior Exercise Specialist

Lindsay provides tailored exercise programming for seniors in Pender, Onslow, and New Hanover counties in North Carolina. She provides easy-to-follow exercise prescriptions for individuals with, and without underlying medical conditions. She has vast experience with those who are medically-stable and works alongside them as they gain confidence, strength, and regain independence.Past clients began working with Lindsay after completion of cardiac rehabilitation, cancer treatments, stroke, and Parkinson's, just to name a few. Additionally, Lindsay has extensive experience working with individuals who struggle with balance and have concerns about falling.


"By word of mouth, I heard about Lindsay Freidhoff! Meeting Lindsay saved my life. She started me on a regiment of exercise specifically designed for my personal needs. She would not let me get bored, she changed my exercise routine weekly and now, monthly (which I like the best!). Also, if I (my body) could not do a particular exercise the way she asked it for, she would revise it so I could." ~ Robbie I. 68 years young."My name is Nancy S. and I am a healthy and fairly active 65-year-old woman. I have been working out with Lindsay for the past year and a half. During that time, I have been amazed at how my balance, strength and energy level have all improved. Lindsay has always taken the time to ask what areas I would like to work on and then developed workouts that build upon each other to improve these areas. She models the exercises to make certain I am doing them correctly and monitors my workouts
incase I need to tweak my posture or movement to get the best results. Her positive attitude and encouraging words truly make working out and getting stronger a pleasure." ~ Nancy S.


Lindsay is a veteran in the health and fitness industry with over 20 years of experience and finds great joy in impacting the lives of older adults. Prior to relocating to North Carolina, Lindsay served as the Director, at the Valdosta State University's Center for Exercise Medicine and Rehabilitation.Lindsay holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, with additional certifications including, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Exercise Physiologist, International Sports and Sciences Association (ISSA) Senior Fitness Certification, and the Level II - Exercise is Medicine credential.Her proficiencies have been demonstrated in teaching Silver Sneakers and other group fitness classes, personal training, and as a guest lecturer for undergraduate -Exercise Physiology courses. While Lindsay has a myriad of health and wellness experience, with all ages, she has come to find her passion lies in working with older adults. In particular, building programs targeted for functional fitness, balance and strength training, and activities of daily living.


Interested in connecting with Lindsay, send an email to her at Training spots are limited and go fast, so please reach out today!


Interested individuals start with a FREE, 90-minute conversation and fitness assessment. During this time, we get an opportunity to ensure fit, and to discuss moving forward together as partners towards a healthier you.Pricing starts at $45 per 60 minute session. The trainings are conducted in your home and I bring the equipment along with me. It may be possible after some initial sessions to incorporate virtual training sessions in as well.